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Rock Your LinkedIn Profile – Vrijdag 18 november

18 november 2022, 14:00 uur - 16:00 uur - Online

Verzorgd door JobOn

So you want to start using LinkedIn and build up your network, profile and advance your career? This workshop organised by JobOn will be the kickstart for all your efforts: Rock your profile!

The contents of this workshop

This will be a fully English workshop. For those of you who are not familiar with the Dutch language, have no fear because this workshop is near. We will meet online and reduce any stress of traveling by public transport, car or bike. You can enjoy the provided knowledge by sitting in your own comfy chair.

  • You will discuss what LinkedIn is all about and why you should use it in the first place.
  • Second, it is important to know your brand! We will talk about setting up your own brand and showing your strenghts to the world.
  • And last, how to find that dream job by using LinkedIn?

One on one sessions with an employee from LinkedIn

JobOn and LinkedIn are partners and this provides us the unique option for those who participate in this workshop to talk, one on one, with an employee of LinkedIn. He or she will look at your digital resumé or LinkedIn profile and give you tips to improve or strengthen it.

Sign up now

Be mindfull that we only have a limited amount of spots available for this workshop. Be sure to sign up fast! You can sign up on this page of JobOn.